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Days of Joy is a collection of brief essays was written by Bob Steinkamp while traveling the thoroughfares and back roads of our country during the days leading up to Christmas. In essence, these stories are the author's gift of love and hope to all of the world's prodigals and standers. In other words, to those individuals who have either walked out on a marriage or have been left behind. But it is also written to encourage anyone who longs to know the joy that Christ alone can provide.

With a blend of candor and gentleness that has come to characterize his writing, Bob Steinkamp has woven together yet another tapestry of tales that are sure to remind the reader of reasons for joy in his or her own life. In addition, these stories will kindle one's desire to bring joy to others, especially during the holiday season. At times Bob accomplishes this with humor, as in "I Told You So," in which he concludes his story with "Things You Can Do While Traveling Alone." Equally amusing is his tale of trying to locate a pigpen in "Where O Where Has My Prodigal Gone?" At other times, he touches the reader's heartstrings, as in "Elina," the memorable, haunting story of a young hitchhiker who has left home to find her dad.

In essence, the underlying theme of "Days of Joy" is one of hope and reconciliation. No matter the situation, how dire the current circumstances that surround us, God's joy is ours for the asking. We have but to believe and to accept it with a grateful heart. Positive changes in our circumstances may indeed contribute to our happiness in this world, and are to be hoped and prayed for, but true joy, the joy of the Lord, isn't dependent on such changes. May God's joy envelop all His children. Merry Christmas!

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23 november
Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc.

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