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When she kissed her ex-boyfriend at a wedding reception… it was just temporary insanity. There was no way she would be crazy enough to try to make it work with him again. Definitely not. If only she could stop thinking about that kiss and focus on the mystery she uncovered… 

Journalist Astrid Jones returns to Magnolia Valley to cast off an atrocious year that started with a divorce and ended with getting fired. She needs her hometown to work its magic and get her life back on track. All she has to do is avoid her ex-boyfriend, Ethan Forrester, and focus on writing the story that will restart her career and get her back to the big city.

But avoiding Ethan isn't easy. He wants to know why she kissed him at their friends’ wedding reception, and she doesn’t have a good answer. And, even worse, she can't stop thinking about that heart-stopping kiss.

Even at eighteen, Ethan knew he'd found the one. So when Astrid turned down his proposal and left for college the next day, it broke his heart.

Since then, Ethan has focused on his veterinary work and opening an animal sanctuary. With the fundraiser weeks away, Ethan needs to stay focused and keep his distance. If he's learned anything, it's that a relationship with her doesn't lead to a happy ending.

But he’s never been good at staying away from Astrid. And when the conspiracy she uncovers puts her in danger, Ethan has to protect her, even as it puts his animal sanctuary, and him, in peril.

New and old troubles threaten to tear them apart, and they must decide what they're willing to risk for a second chance at happily-ever-after.


This is the second book in the MAGNOLIA VALLEY series. It can be read as a standalone or as part of a larger story line. 

• • Dreaming of You (Josie & Calvin)

• • Destined for You (Ethan & Astrid)

• • Fascinated by You (Nora & Alek)

• • He was Playing for Keeps (Caine & Quinn)

• • Catching Her Wild Heart (Wyatt & Penny)

26 juli
Cora Reed Author

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