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Those with weak nerves or frail hearts please beware! This is no idle stroll through some gnome-infested fantasy land, but a gripping saga of blood, lust, pain, and passion which unfolds in the midst of a war-torn world called Jonda, where the recent emergence of an ancient evil in the form of black warrior dragons has plunged the once peaceful populace into the tumult of a savage war and almost certain doom.

In Book One, entitled: Warlords of the Fire Mountains, D'Lyon, the War Master of the Sillion clans, rescued the Princess of Calon from the clutches of in-human Hawthic raiders. Smitten by Taala’s uncommon beauty and having won her fairly in battle, he places a claim of ownership on her, a claim which she refuses to recognize. This is the beginning of a romance that resounds throughout the story, intertwined with the complete fantasy world of Jonda.

After a desperate chase through Talston Marsh, the Hawthics recapture Princess Taala and take D’Lyon prisoner.

D’Lyon wins Taala’s freedom a second time, fleeing with her to the borders of Calon. But once there, Taala refutes her pledge of love and has D’Lyon thrown into Calon’s dungeons.

Events soon spiral out of Taala’s control. Evil forces have taken charge of the palace. Against her wishes, she is informed that D’Lyon is to be fed live to Calon’s ruling Golden Cuma dragon, Grandoryn the Great, and she finds herself powerless to stop it. D’Lyon’s avlon comes to his aid, enabling their escape back to the Fire Mountains, but D’Lyon blames Taala for his death sentence and vows revenge.
With open warfare raging on all fronts, D’Lyon calls the Sillion clans to battle.

Calon is now under siege and faltering, and before long Taala herself must flee the city with a small escort. Heading north out of Calon, she is pursued by her enemies in the palace. Eventually she and her escort are overtaken. Most of her protectors are cut down. Taala is about to be taken prisoner when D’Lyon and a small regiment arrives upon the scene and vanquishes her assailants.

Still enraged by Taala’s earlier betrayal, D’Lyon once again lays a claim of ownership on her and elicits, in front of members of her own sovereignty, her full acknowledgement and agreement to his claim. This done, he strips her of royal trappings, throws her in chains and pronounces her his slave. But Jaarn's forces, hundreds of thousands strong, are on the march, and D'Lyon has little time to enjoy his conquest of the Calon Princess.

The Sillion army must take the field against a force many times its number.

Behind the infamous fighting skills of the Sillion warriors and the stratagems of D'Lyon, they outmaneuver and scatter their enemies and route them from the field of battle. When the Sillions retake Castlerock Fortress from Jaarn’s forces, the heady spirit of victory runs high across the lands. Those in hiding flock to the cause. The Sillion army, it seems, cannot be beaten. But D'Lyon's small legion, reduced now to under twenty thousand men, cannot stand before the sheer weight and numbers of the armies arrayed against him. Step by step the Sillions are forced to retreat. Commanders under D'Lyon become casual¬ties of war. Castlerock Fortress once again falls to the enemy. Soon Calon itself is overrun, and victory appears hopeless.

Then the ultimate challenge befalls our hero: He and his avlon must face not one, but two warrior dragons in mortal combat.
D'Lyon must kill both dragons or all will be lost. It has never been done in all the ages past, not even by a Sillion warrior of the Seventh Order, and D'Lyon is but a Sillion warrior of the Fifth Order. It is an impossible task, yet all destiny hangs in the balance.

Can D'Lyon and his avlon prevail against Jaarn’s warrior dragons? Will he and Princess Taala find love in the ashes of their beleaguered world?
Read Warrior Dragons of Jaarn and live it yourself. The adventure awaits you!

Sci-fi och fantasy
6 september
Raymond Conrad

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