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From NY Times and USA Today Best Selling Author--Skye Eagleday--a Tale of Darkest Fantasy

Laura’s love for Colin reached beyond the grave. She was among the first to return when they resurrected. However they had died, within 72 hours they had regenerated and lived again. And then their bodies started rotting. In their rabid state they would fall upon the living to devour them. But Dr. Enid Patterson had discovered a way of extracting the mysterious healing factors that allowed the initial regeneration and how to apply this magic to the diseases of normal humans. With rehabilitation Laura and the others were able to rejoin the world.

But their haters—who called them The Rotten-- believed it was only a matter of time before they reverted to mindless zombie mobs. Laura and the others of her kind—and the ones that loved them—would face something far more deadly than The Rotten. Could they survive the Humans who wanted them dead?

(An adults only tale of darkest fantasy. Explicit and graphic sexual heat between lovers for whom death has lost its meaning through the intervention of their unquestioning love.)


Riley was studying her. She assumed he was trying to place her as she had just done with him. He moved slowly towards her. A step forward and then he waited. Another step. She assumed he was trying not to scare her away. She almost smiled. What could be more frightening than she was? Emboldened he took two steps closer, his eyes never leaving her face. She touched her face, disgusted by the dried crusting of blood beside her mouth. She wiped it away and fought hard not to lick the dried blood off her hand. When she looked back up he was directly in front of her, distracted by the bits of blood that fell from her fingers.

He reached out and his stained hand brushed her cheek with a gentleness she had not experienced since she had resurrected. He took another step closer and now pressed his body next to hers. His body was still hard and fit from his military service. He shifted and she realized he was also hard in another place. This was the first time she became aware The Rotten were even capable of anything beyond killing and feeding.

Now curious she also moved slightly—enough to acknowledge what she had just felt rub against her.

Riley stepped forward. He ran his blunt fingers through her matted hair, catching them in the tangles. It didn’t hurt. The Rotten didn’t feel pain—other than the Hunger. His eyes were dead. She remembered him as he was. His eyes had been a dark chocolate brown. He had had warm and caring eyes. Hesitantly she reached out and touched the military buzz cut he wore. The hair was surprisingly soft. Intrigued she touched the side of his head with her other hand. He bent forward and his lips touched hers and then he jerked his head back. She had not moved her hands. She tilted her head like a puzzled bird. His face blank, Riley kissed her again but this time his lips lingered briefly.

She took his hand in hers and rubbed it against her cheek. A flood of visual images of touching and being touched filled her. As a dancer she lived her life through her physicality. She had never been this long without the touch of a human. She looked up at Riley and realized she was still without human touch. But it felt the same. She felt wetness on her cheek and Riley touched curiously at her tear. Neither knew a Rotten was capable of crying. They felt if they had been, no Rotten would ever stop weeping.

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Skye Eagleday

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