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Reid Scott is a brilliant computer-software developer. His devotion to the companies he has established ensures that they will become highly prosperous. However, in choosing to spend long hours at work, he has become increasingly estranged from his family. When his seventeen-year-old son is brutally murdered, Reid is forced to face the fact that he has been a lousy dad. Consumed by rage fueled by guilt, he vows to reap vengeance on his sons killer. But then, as a new Christian, he learns that he must forgive to be forgiven, a requirement that seems absolutely impossible.

Ruben Walker is a poor kid from a broken home. When his mother disappears suddenlywith him being the eldestthe responsibility to provide for his younger siblings falls on his shoulders. He does the best he can until Child Protective Services splits his family apart. His sister and two brothers are sent to separate foster homes. Ruben believes that money is the key. If he accumulates enough wealth, he feels he can convince CPS that he is fit to reunite his family. In utter desperation, he resorts to robbery. During the robbery, a seventeen-year-old boy is inadvertently killed.

A sequence of providential events bring Reid and Ruben together. They have no idea they share an appalling tragedy. Over the course of many months, Reid and his wife, Allison, learn to care deeply for Ruben, who reminds them of their deceased son. Their love for the boy is put to the test the day Ruben shares his most closely guarded secret by confessing his crime.

This Christian novel examines what it means to live by faith, to forgive the unforgivable, and to love unconditionally.

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LifeRich Publishing

Fler böcker av Eugene H. Strayhorn Jr.