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Utgivarens beskrivning

I herewith commit to the perusal of the reader a collection of approved remedies—sympathetic as well as natural—remedies, sufficient in number as may be deemed needful for household purposes. Knowing, from experience, how many an honest citizen hath been robbed of his entire estate through the machination of bad and malicious people, having his livestock destroyed and the usefulness of his cows tampered with; and still further, how many a man hath been tortured and tantalized at night, from early childhood, by wicked people of that ilk; so much so that they could hardly bear it any longer, had it not been for the timely aid rendered them by exorcising these rabbles, if this be even done by calling upon the Bedgoblin or "Puck." Moreover, many such troubled people were made unhappy in their wedlock, and robbed of all their children. Besides all this I know of a place, of which the minister of the Gospel who officiates there assures me, that the influence of but one wicked female residing there has caused the ruin of the entire village, since there is hardly man or beast existing in the place which had not been tampered with and attacked by that wicked person. But, through the grace of God, every one of these people have been rescued by the means of the Bedgoblin, as set forth in the second article of this little book.

Whenever said remedy is to be applied, in case the house of him whom it is intended to assist is called aloud three times with devotion, and by adding both his Christian and all his other names, the usefulness thereof will be readily enough perceived, the matrimonial peace will be re-established, the children will recover, the cows will again become useful, no matter how much reduced in body they have been; but a few weeks will elapse, and the cows will show as much sound flesh as they ever possessed heretofore. Thus it happens [iv] that this collection contains a number of curious performances of magic, every one of which is worth far more than the reader pays for this entire book.

For the purpose of rendering a great service to mankind, this book was issued, in order to bridle and check the doings of the Devil.

Whatever objections may be raised against this book by disbelief and jealousy, these pages will, despite all such objections, contain naught else but truth divine, since Christ himself hath commanded that all ye may perform, ye shall do in the name of God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, so that the Devil may not possess any power over anything whatsoever to do his will; and it will thus happen unto many persons, as was experienced by Job, who, having lost his fortune and his children, by his endurance and perseverance in the belief of God, and the blessings of the good deeds which were performed by him every day, Job wrested the power from the Devil, and he afterward became wealthier than he ever was before. Thus we also must act, that is, bless our possessions, our homes, and entrust them to the care of the Lord, and doubtless the Devil will have to retire and succumb.

I, therefore, beseech every one, into whose hands this book may come, not to treat the same lightly or to destroy the same, because, by such action, he will defy the will of God, and God will, in return therefore destroy him, and cause him to suffer eternal punishment and grim damnation. But to him who properly esteems and values this book, and never abuses its teachings, will not only be granted the usefulness of its contents, but he will also attain everlasting joy and blessing.

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29 juli
Library of Alexandria

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