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For many, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a life-changing way of communicating with others. For you, NLP could mean getting that job you’ve always wanted, landing a date with your perfect mate, making the biggest sale of your life, and raising successful well-adjusted children. The sky is the limit!

Through NLP techniques you will learn to read yourself and others. And to psychologically, emotionally, and verbally find your way in the world in a tangible, exciting way you probably never imagined. Equally effective in both work and play, NLP can be your key to a more rewarding life socially, economically, romantically, and politically.

NLP encourages you to communicate effectively with everyone you meet. And when you communicate effectively, you build rapport and establish relationships that help you gain a subconscious influence over others. When used properly, the tools of NLP support personal interactions in your private life, your family, workplace, dating, and beyond.

Here are the 21 NLP techniques you can put to work:

1. Use NLP on Yourself

2. Understand That Behavior is All About Perception

3. Turn Problems Into Outcomes

4. Understanding “The Secret”

5. Effective Communication

6. Understand How Others See the World

7. Body Language Clues to the Thinking of Others

8. Seeing the Truth

9. Building Rapport

10. Pacing

11. Leading

12. Calibration and Elicitation

13. Sports Conditioning Through NLP

14. The Power of Belief

15. Managing Conflict

16. Selling with NLP

17. Negotiation

18. Leadership in Challenging Times

19. Dating

20. Parenting

21. Changing Your Past

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