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On the back cover of Suzanne Collin's book are these words: "In the ruins of a place once known as North America . . . ." 

One doesn't have to be a prophet to see the frightening vision of what the future holds, not only for North America but for the world.  This book is explores the absence of God and the consequences of his absence in our individual lives and in the collective life of the state. And yet, the image of God still resides in us, offering hope.

First, Ken Gire looks back at the first hunger games with the rise of the godless emperor, Nero, and the games he hosted in Rome, where he offered free food and entertainment to the populace. At first the games were gladiatorial contests, then the slaughter of Christians became the entertainment of the day.  Part Two examines the present hunger games and how they speak to the gnawing hunger within us, both individually and collectively. It shows how that hunger has expressed itself in our culture with the rise of a vicious competitive spirit that pervades politics, entertainment, and business.  Part Three of the book looks ahead to future hunger games. This glimpse into the future is based on Jesus' Olivet Discourse and his view of how society will deteriorate to a form of barbarism and totalitarianism in the end times.

The book ends with a call to be alert to what is taking place in the world and to stand resolute against the forces that appeal to our baser instincts, looking forward to the glorious return of Jesus Christ.

Religion och andlighet
1 september
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