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Being in the field of psychology for over 30 years and having worked in just about every setting there is, I've seen, heard and wanted to say a lot. Now, I've brought a bit of it together to share with you as well as my private interviews with John Lennon, Isaac Asimov, a brief encounter with Jacqueline Susann and a few short articles I've written. Plus, I've enclosed numerous other things I've written, one even directly to Dr. Phil. I think you'll find "The Patient Who Would Never Leave" to be almost an Oprahesque story. It touched my heart as I hope it will yours.

I know you'll find the book not only interesting, but that it provide insight and provokes thought on your part. That's what writing is all about to me and it's NOT all psychology. How boring that would be. I do not find myself analyzing everything or everyone I see and that's where being in the field of psychology causes a bit of a problem; people expect it. No, fun is fun and I get paid for the rest, if I so choose. I also cannot tolerate the pompous and the "experts" I see on TV; all production, poor content. See if you agree. I will not be quieted.

As a former editor of Publishers Weekly I had extraordinary access to some of the most successful authors as well as, through my TV work, to people in the entertainment field. But first and foremost, I wanted to write a book that would provide a mix of interesting chapters on my experiences in two diverse worlds; publishing and psychology.

I am that most unusual of creatures, a native New Yorker, having grown up and received all my schooling in NYC. My degrees are from Queens College and two from New York University, so it's a city I love and which has given me much. It has also provided me with a certain perspective on things as well as a willingness to speak my mind. So be it.

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Patricia Farrell

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