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John never thought he was gay. But after a sports injury lands him in the doctor's office, the doctor's examination quickly results in an embarrassing erection. When the doctor offers to help him out, John starts to wonder... could he be attracted to men?EXCERPT from this story:"Most of my patients don't get erections during an exam," the doctor explained. "So I'm wondering if you have an outlet for your sexual energy. Are you masturbating? Are you having sex?""The coach says we're not supposed to. He says it distracts us from the game. Some of the other guys do it anyway, but I haven't all season.""It's not good for you, John," the doctor said. "A young man needs to have release. Otherwise there can be complications. I think this may be why you overextended yourself today. All of that sexual energy is just rushing out of you, and your body overdid it.""So what should I do, doctor?" John asked. "Should I jerk off – I mean, masturbate?""I think it would be beneficial to do so," the doctor said. "But I need to make sure it won't cause you further injury. So I'll masturbate you while monitoring your pain."John stiffened. "No way, doctor! You want to jerk me off? I'm not gay!"The doctor held up a hand. "That has nothing to do with it, John. I'm a medical professional and this is a medical procedure. I need to know how your body will respond to masturbation, and this is the best way to go about doing that."John sat on the exam table uneasily. His cock had softened a little bit, but it was still showing signs of arousal. John couldn't deny that he wanted to jerk off. The question was, was he willing to let the doctor do it for him? Reluctantly he looked up at the doctor nodded. "All right, doc. If you think this is necessary, go ahead."

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Patsy Highsmith

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