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Journalist, David Buckley walks into a murder scene. Only one problem – the murderer doesn't exist, so now Buckley's the chief suspect, and he's on the run. Can he prove his innocence - and his sanity?

“Had me hooked from the very first chapter on and it just kept giving... A wonderful read! You know you are onto something fantastic when you feel sad upon reaching the last page!” Alexandra Williams at LoveReading.co.uk

David Buckley’s obsession with fellow student, Alison Tindell, led to hospitalisation for mental illness. Thirty years on, Buckley, now a successful journalist, receives a phone call from Alison, inviting him to visit. That same evening a murder occurs; Buckley is accused, and Alison, his only alibi, vanishes. The police don’t believe she ever existed. Buckley escapes, travelling the country in a desperate search to find her before the law catches up. But someone intends to find Buckley first, a person he fears more than anyone.

"...Sahlan Diver’s psychological thriller novel, For The Love Of Alison, has the twists, turns and insights into the darker side of nature that would make it eminently suitable for a Hitchcock movie if that venerable filmmaker were still alive and at his craft. David is the consummate good guy who by chance becomes a pawn in a murderous plot, and his nemesis, the suavely sinister and polished psychologist Brian Peters, is alternately repellent and appealing. Diver’s plot is intricate and twisty, complete with red herrings and false clues, keeping the tension and uncertainty alive throughout the story. Diver deftly weaves past and present in this work, making this psychological tour de force more akin to a deeply felt experience than merely reading a novel. For The Love Of Alison is most highly recommended." (Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite 5-star review)

"...I loved the engaging style of writing in this novel, and the opening few sentences really caught my interest. Sahlan has an excellent storytelling ability. The author builds the story line gradually and introduces interesting characters that add to the plot in a way that makes the story easy to follow. The plot is constantly moving forward with many surprising actions and revelations from the characters, which provided great twists and excitement to the story. I really liked David as a character; he seemed to have many layers to his personality and was quite tortured. I was rooting for him to clear his name and find peace in his life. Millie had a great feisty spirit which I thought complemented David really well. The cat and mouse game between Magee and David also brought great tension to the story. The ending was brilliant and one I definitely did not see coming." (Lesley Jones for Readers' Favorite)

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24 februari
Sahlan Diver

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