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There continues to be much interest in the business and academic communities in the concept of strategic competencies or core capabilities, in other words, how organisations define and differentiate themselves. More recently, this field has fragmented into a number of related disciplines with subtle differences in focus:
Knowledge management — how organisations identify, share and exploit their internal competencies, in particular the knowledge of individuals.Organisational learning — the relationship between individual and organisational knowledge and how organisations ‘unlearn’ past competencies and acquire new competencies.Strategic management — how competencies can be assessed, and how these contribute to performance.Innovation management — how such competencies are translated into new processes, products and services.
This book aims to integrate strategic and knowledge management approaches to capability building with the development of competencies by bringing together the latest research and practices from international experts in the field. This third edition has been fully updated with five new chapters.
Contents:Strategic Competencies:Dynamic Capability and Diversification (Javad Noori, Joe Tidd and Mohammad R Arasti)What are Strategic Competencies? (Richard Hall)The Role of Dynamic Capabilities in Developing Innovation-Related Capabilities (Hanna-Kaisa Ellonen, Ari Jantunen and Olli Kuivalainen)Market Competencies:Brands, Innovation and Growth: The Role of Brands in Innovation and Growth for Consumer Businesses (Tony Clayton and Graham Turner)Technological and Market Competencies and Financial Performance (Joe Tidd and Ciaran Driver)Knowledge Management Routines for Innovation Projects: Developing a Hierarchical Process Model (David Tranfield, Malcolm Young, David Partington, John Bessant and Jonathan Sapsed)Technological Competencies:Indicators of Innovation Performance (Pari Patel)Assessing Technological Competencies (Francis Narin)The Complex Relations Between Communities of Practice and the Implementation of Technological Innovations (Donald Hislop)Organisational Competencies:Managing Competences to Enhance the Effect of Organisational Context on Innovation (Sebastien Brion, Caroline Mothe and Maréva Sabatier)The Organisation of “Knowledge Bases” (Jonathan Sapsed)Supplier Strategies for Integrated Innovation (Thorsten Teichert and Ricarad B Bouncken)Developing Competencies:Innovation: A Performance Measurement Perspective (Pervaiz K Ahmed and Mohamed Zairi)Learning and Continuous Improvement (John Bessant)Creating Value by Generative Interaction (Michael M Hopkins, Joe Tidd and Paul Nightingale)
Readership: Graduate students and professionals in the fields of business, innovation and knowledge management.

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30 april
Imperial College Press

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