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Nadia is an open-minded college woman looking for a little adventure. She can’t stop herself from looking for new and interesting men to sleep with. Being willing to sleep with a professor to get into a class isn’t beneath her. When she does, she finds herself inducted into a strange and secret world on campus involving odd monsters and weird humans. Ultimately this transforms her mentally, sexually, and physically.

This is a 51,000 word novel intended for adult audiences. Originally published in four parts.

Content warning: features sex between characters of disparate ages, group sex, violent sex, sex between humans and non-human creatures, rough sex, BDSM themes, sex magic, strong language, erotic situations not all members of the public will enjoy, and other depictions of adult sexuality. Explicit language and adult only content.


Derke didn’t even wince when the needle penetrated his skin. “The transformation is often unsettling the first time you witness it,” Pitor said. “Don’t worry; it’s perfectly natural. Well, as natural as this could possibly be.”

As he was speaking Derke rolled to his side on the table. His muscles bulged and a change occurred throughout his flesh. Underneath his skin bulges and hollows formed, his body stretched and writhed. Quickly, as if it were an afterthought, Derke started pulling off his clothes, destroying them in the process, but this exposed his skin which was quickly replaced with short tawny fur. Nadia gasped and stepped back, getting a table between her and the young man…or whatever he was. It happened so quickly she didn’t know what to think. As he was facing away, Nadia couldn’t see his face until the conversion was nearly over. When he swung his face back to her she had to stifle a scream of sudden terror. It was still human…almost, but it had taken on a distinctly catlike aspect. His jaw had elongated into a muzzle with protruding canine teeth. The eyes had angled and enlarged giving him a feline aspect. He wasn’t a tiger or puma or any easily identifiable animal, but Derke was definitely no longer human.

He slid off the table and Prof. Pitor faded into the background. Derke’s cat aspect sniffed the air and focused his eyes on Nadia. “Where are you in your cycle?” Pitor called out to Nadia.

“I had my period two weeks ago,” she reported.

“You’re probably ovulating then,” he said. “Don’t resist him. He’s much stronger than you. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, Nadia. You seem the type.”

Before she could give voice to her concerns Derke pounced on her, actually pounced. He cleared the table she had been sheltering behind and knocked her—carefully—to the floor. Her clothes weren’t stripped off her body, they were torn off, shredded by Derke’s sharp claws and strong muscles. He was exact and careful in his motions and before she knew it, Nadia was naked but for her panties.

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