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You first met the world of Fairchester’s movers and shakers, where money will only get you so far and pedigree is key, in NAIL IT: Breaking into the Black Elite. In this follow-up to the popular novel, Noah Kyle, who is handsome, educated, and the first black senior vice president at First Southern Bank, discovers that everything that glitters isn’t always gold as tension at the bank threatens the success he has worked so hard to obtain. Although he now has little time to pressure his beautiful wife, Sahara, to join the city’s powerful social circle--where ladies lunch, expensive toys are the norm, and it isn’t about what you know but rather whom—her new friend, Teri, happily steps in where Noah left off and picks up the cause. The friends soon realize that the more things change, the more they stay the same, and Teri convinces Sahara and Zora that they should try to become members of one of Fairchester’s most exclusive social clubs.

However, Sahara quickly learns that gaining membership in this tight-knit circle is not child’s play, and the process may be stacked against her. Not only does it seem that half of Fairchester is seeking the coveted membership--including her nemesis, Emery Edmonds, a sophisticated socialite on the rise--but Sahara will have to go head-to-head against her friends. The stakes couldn’t be higher as alliances are made, loyalties are tested, and old secrets threaten to come to light. But, in this circle, if Sahara wants a seat at the table, she has to play to win, because it is GAME ON.

28 juni
Shonette Charles

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