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A mantra, commonly used in Hindu Vedic rituals, beautifully explains in just 7 words, the defining traits of successful people.

Success is something all human beings yearn for. In this book the author dips into the timeless wisdom and knowledge of East, India to be precise, and understand what are the defining traits of successful people.

Values never go out of fashion. They define long term and sustainable success and spread goodwill and peace all around. These values are becoming even more important now considering their fast erosion in almost every walk of life, be it government, administration, sports or common people.

For understanding these defining traits, this book looks into the deeper meaning of a Mantra in Hinduism. This mantra is addressed to Lord Ganesha (elephant God) and seeks removal of obstacles in way of success in any action or endeavor.

Mantra is a Sanskrit word originally used in Hinduism and also adopted and used extensively in Buddhism. Mantras are words or sounds that are chanted repeatedly. Such a repetition is to imbibe their deeper meaning as well as to aid in concentration during meditation.

While the literal meaning of this mantra is quite simple the author is going beyond the literal meaning and deep into what the mantra is aiming to communicate. This reveals a wonderful aspect of this mantra, which gives, very clearly, the traits of successful people.

If these traits are understood and imbibed by anyone, success is guaranteed.

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Subu Venkataraman