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Terry and Jack are two overworked, underpaid programmers who have always dreamed of striking it rich by writing a popular smartphone ap. One day, Terry tells Jack that he has designed an ap that can tell you if a person is gay or straight, but that it needs some work. Jack agrees to help Terry refine the ap. Unfortunately for Jack, when he tests the ap out on his wife, he discovers that she had always harbored a lesbian fantasy. Things get even more complicated when Jack tries the ap out on himself; he thinks he’s straight, but the ap suggests that he may have fantasies about being with another man. Terry, who is gay, agrees to help Jack explore those fantasies, in the name of “testing” the ap.

This 6700 word work of erotic fiction features a first-time sexual encounter between a straight man and a gay man with oral sex, deepthroating, and a reluctant orgasm, as well as a lesbian encounter between a younger woman and a woman who is married with heavy petting, oral sex, and two non-reluctant orgasms. It is intended for mature audiences only.


Jack jerked his **** confidently, until it was fully erect. “Look. I already told you. My wife doesn’t have a problem with it. Also, it’s the only way to find out if the ap really works. If you really are gay, you’ll **** my ****. And, if I have a gay fantasy that I’m repressing, then I’ll enjoy it, right?”

Terry was afraid to point out the flaws in his argument, for fear of wasting the opportunity to do something he had always wanted to do. “Uh, I guess, yeah.”

“All right. So, when you’re ready, just start ****ing. I promise I’ll stop you if I don’t like it."

Terry took his friend at his word. He got on his knees and wrapped his hand around Jack’s ****, jerking it slightly as a prelude to his ****job.

Jack couldn’t help but realize that he enjoyed being touched this way, even as he resisted the pleasure. “Maybe there’s nothing wrong with the ap.” he thought, subconsciously adding a moment later, “Maybe there’s nothing wrong with me, either.”

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Tim Strong

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