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Four stand alone short stories about gay men in Hawaii!

Read about a tourist and his first threesome in Kauai, two best friends on a island with no relief in sight, a company spy willing to do anything for insider information, or a murder suspect and a police officer with eyes for each other.

This 41,100 word LGBT bundle includes: Gay Hawaii ThreesomeStraight to Gay CastawayGay Black Boss, and Gay for His Hawaiian Cop .

Gay Hawaii Threesome

Donkey Beach is the gay beach on Kauai where anything goes. It's a prime hunting ground for Justin - a horny military guy on leave. 

He thinks he's found his latest sexual conquest with the hugely muscled bronzed surfer Liko and his smaller but no less hot friend Kanani.

Will this top have his way with two cute Hawaiian guys? Or will they teach this tourist things are different on Kauai and make this top go down?

Straight to Gay Castaway

When their plane goes down in the middle of the Pacific, it leaves Roger and his gay friend, Wade, stranded and very short on supplies. They need to find food, shelter and somehow send a message for help. 

Unfortunately, the work gets stalled as BOTH men find themselves distracted and unsure. Wade is frustrated and confused. Roger is his friend and there has never been anything between them… but is there now? 

Gay Black Boss

Steve's invited to the Hawaiian island of Kauai with his gay boss Trevon. It's the perfect way for a corporate spy to steal information.

Trevon's thick with muscles but he's no dummy. He knows Steve's real identity and the location of powerful enemies that'll do anything to find him.

Steve wants information? How's a first time gay experience sound?

Gay for His Hawaiian Cop

After a black-out night, Spencer Mitchell finds himself in the back of the police car - wanted for murder on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. 

Investigating officer Doug Baker is just doing his job, but he secretly hopes Spencer didn't do it. He's the type of guy he likes; fierce, attractive and blessed with a tight swimmer's body. Too bad he's the only suspect. 

Can a gay police officer walk the 'Thin Blue Line' between desire and duty? 

Author Note: These are short stand alone steamy stories with no cliffhanger.

12 november
Tabatha Allen

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