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Utgivarens beskrivning

Have you ever had an idea, and before you knew it, it had grown beyond what you were expecting? This cookbook is like that. It all started out as a discussion between two friends, Angie and Patti, who were discussing their food blogs and the upcoming Easter Holiday. Angie suggested that the two should write an e-book, and somehow the conversation turned to how much they both loved eggs. Because Easter was right around the corner, they decided that their challenge would be coming up with recipes that answered that age old question as to what should be done with all those hard-boiled eggs left over after the Easter egg hunts had ended.

What followed were weeks of experimentation as the two tried to come up with unique recipes that contained hard-boiled eggs. There was a rule that there could be no egg salads and no tradition deviled eggs, and the recipes had to be simple to prepare. Family meals turned into taste testing of a variety of egg recipes when the family gathered for dinner. Co-workers were subjected to new recipes and asked to rate the recipe on a scale of one to five. Friends allowed us to prepare unusual egg dishes for them for dinner, becoming willing taste testers.

Writing this book was an adventure. We both were constantly running to the store for more eggs, but in the end, it was worth it. This book is the product of our hard work. It contains 30 recipes that use hard-boiled eggs. We hope you enjoy this cookbook and the recipes it contains.

Kokböcker, mat och dryck
24 april
Patricia Miller

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