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Easy Goal Setting Methods that Produce Effective Results
Finding this books is not just luck. It's your destiny to read this book and put it's ideas into action to create the life you want.

You may enjoy your beautiful daydreams but you will never known how many of them could become reality unless you try.

By properly setting goals you can achieve your ambitions. Just because it's popular to give up on goals and embrace mediocrity doesn't mean you need to mindlessly follow the herd.

Most people want to lose weight, improve health, improve relationships, make more money and live a more fulfilling life! But they never turn these desires into goals.
By finally learning how to plan goals you can get closer to living the life you know you deserve.
It's frustrating to start goals and then give them up because other obligations get in the way.
You might try to hide your disappointment, but failure still leaves it's mark on your attitude. Read this book and you can discover how to overcome the various challenges that cause OTHER people to abandon their goals.

You have so much more potential than you can imagine.
You are only living the life you are now living because you are used to it. It's just a bunch of habits. This book will help you build new habits that help you build a new life.
If you have ever failed at a goal or have goals you desperately desire then you owe yourself this book.

This book was written to give you results.
The Specific Plan YOU need for YOUR Goal!
We will build a step by step plan that helps you build the proper mindset for success. There will be inevitable challenges and you will need the advice of this book to maintain focus on your goal when needed.

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