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Are you a woman that is ready to live the life that God intended for you to live? Do you want to enjoy and cherish a life of purpose with God? If your answer is yes, then Gods Fresh Air is the book for you.

Gods Fresh Air is an inspirational guidebook that inspires women to live on purpose by living the life that God intended for you to live. This book communicates to women a spiritual approach to enjoying and cherishing a life of purpose through the word of God, real-world experiences, and practical teachings.

Like many women today, Alicia M. Bailey needed to find out who she was so that she could breathe Gods Fresh Air. She struggled with knowing her purpose and thinking to herself, Why have I been placed on earth? She had been given many talents and gifts from God, but what were they for? There had to be more for her than just going through the motions of life because she simply existed. And she didnt want to simply exist anymore. Instead, she desired to do more with her life. She wanted to make her mark on earth and bring glory to God in every part of life. In other words, she wanted to breathe Gods Fresh Air. But how could she do that if she didnt know who she was or what she was called to do?

Like Alicia, many women find themselves longing to live a life of fulfillment and purpose with God. Gods Fresh Air offers spiritual principles and encouragement to women of all ages, allowing you to inhale a new perspective of who you are and exhale the glory of God in your life.


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