GRACE: A Model for Grieving GRACE: A Model for Grieving

GRACE: A Model for Grieving

A Five-Step Guide for Healing After Loss

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An inclusive and dimensional 5-step grief model, this book expands  our understanding of grief and how to treat it through a novel evidence-based approach that integrates current cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with narrative-based therapy and other holistic methods.

Created by a licensed professional counselor, GRACE: A Model for Grieving fills in the gaps of current grief models which have their limitations due to a lack of inclusion for spirituality, situational factors, cultural variables and other factors. This book analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the prevailing model of CBT to offer a new framework that supports individual beliefs, goals and sense of purpose in the grieving process.

The book hand-holds readers through this new model by features these 5 steps for healing:
1 - Grief redefined
2 - Re-story the loss narrative
3 - Adopt healthy ways to grieve
4 - Connect with self and others
5 - Engage in new normal

Key to the GRACE model is the individualization of the grieving process allowing for inclusion of one's spirituality as well as supporting gender and cultural differences.

People everywhere are reeling from a myriad of primary and secondary losses resulting from these difficult times. The individual and communal losses have broad multi-level influence exacting heavy tolls on families, communities, nations, and the world. The content within seeks a more comprehensive grief model in hopes of better helping others through their loss journey.

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