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Are you fed up of your bad habits? Are they causing a havoc in your life? Are you looking for a way to guide you out of them. If that is so, then this book will give you the perfect opportunity to solve all these problems for you. The book gives a detailed explanation of how to improve your daily habits. It also explains what are the bad habits that we have imbibed in our lifestyle.

The book gives a chapter explanation on how to use habit stacking for improving productivity, health, finances and relationships. As you go through the book, you will realize that by adopting simple changes, you can get rid of the bad habits. This book tries to give you easy tips rather than giving high end methods which leave you in the middle of nothing and make things sound difficult. The tips and methods given in this book are the most adaptive ones and you can easily fit them in your lives and enjoy the changes that they will bring into your life.

As you go through this book you will learn:

- What are the bad habits that we have and how to get rid of them

- How to apply habit stacking to improve productivity

- How to change your habits for improved health

- How to improve finances by changing habits

- How to build better relationships by choosing healthy habits

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