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One of the simple hacks shared in this book helped the author move from a $22,000 a year job to a $65,000 a year job in one month. Just one hack was worth $43,000! While such results are not typical or guaranteed, one of these hacks may be just what you need to kick start, boost, salvage or secure your career.

Employment has turned into a high-speed roller coaster ride for employees over the last couple of years. And job automation is snatching away their safety restraints midway exposing them to the real threat of a dangerous plunge. Employees have to throw away the old rulebook and instead hack their way to success and security in a lopsided battle for jobs against intelligent machines in what is predicted to be an unprecedentedly competitive future. 

Over 2100 years of collective experiences of employees around the world are bundled into this comprehensive yet practical hack book!

This indispensable book arms you with powerful hacks that you can apply to:

• Gain clarity on the fundamental reasons why you work or want a job

• Find your first or next dream job by confidently clearing interviews

• Transform your current job into a dream job by bridging the gap

• Become the master key that can unlock any type of Boss

• Recognize what your organization really expects from its employees

• Gain insight into what happens behind the scenes in management

• Determine if it’s time to consider a job or career change

• Ace your performance appraisals to receive the highest rating

• Get elevated to higher positions quickly

• Obtain the maximum hike percentages and bonuses

• Salvage and boost a stagnating career

• Minimize your chances of being fired or laid off

• Bounce back quickly from a job loss situation

• Adopt the right strategy to ride the job automation wave

• Minimize stress and achieve a better work-personal life balance 

• Deal with a mid-life or mid-career crisis

“If an employee will read only one book in an entire lifetime, it has to be this one!”

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12 februari
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