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Half Life is an exciting fictional drama capturing Christian themes such as faith and belief through the eyes of many characters. Half Life reads with the intrigue of a science fiction piece, its narrative centered on nuclear development politics, with particular focus on the power and community that prayer creates.

This story is told with relatable characters brought to life with much attention to detail. Ken, a protagonist, experiences periods of growth throughout the impending crisis in the world around him. Suspenseful changes create an absorbing narrative style. A.D. Jerome gracefully pens characters' innermost thoughts and feelings with metaphors and imagery, expressing chaos, contemplation, and growth through their eyes, while inputting reflections of historical American events. A unique and exceptional piece you won't forget.

"I feel I know the characters personally from my decades outside the nuclear labs and with the Nevada Desert Experience…We must still be aware of the threat of nuclear exchange if we are to renew our lives and the promise of the Creator. The lives that populate this novel, and the reality it reveals, certainly arouses us to this promise!"

-- Fr. Louis Vitale, ofm, Phd

"Today, nearly one billion taxpayer dollars per year are spent on nuclear weapons activities at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). Thousands of LLNL workers have acquired illnesses from on the job exposures to radiation and toxic chemicals. LLNL admits to releasing over one million curies of radiation over the years. This equals the amount of radiation deposited on the people of Hiroshima after the bomb. The effects of this radiation on the workers and the community will remain for many generations."

-- Scott Yundt, Staff Attorney, Tri-Valley Communities Against a Radioactive Environment (CARES) Livermore, CA

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