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Hamburger Heaven
by James Trivers

Pock-marked Kenny Lapin lives with his mother in a forlorn one bedroom apartment and sleeps on a fold out sofa. His mother works as a part time receptionist, in which every month is a struggle to make ends meet. Kenny Lapin would love nothing more than to be rich, so that he could be free to do and buy what he wants. He would love to leave the suburban torture of Hayworth and flee to Southern California's eternal summer.

Instead he is forced to work at Benny Burger a fast food franchise and earn a paltry wage. There he meets Kahina, a saucy and sophisticated girl who works the register and who he would like to get close to, and Javier with whom Kenny works with in the kitchen to closing time. All of them are tyrannized by a twenty-something assistant manager, Greg Brewster. On the top of Hamburger Heaven hen-picking order is Mel, a complete Panglossian idiot who thinks working at Benny Burger is a chance of life time. When Greg Brewster punches Kenny and Mel out a half hour before they have finished closing, it is a rude awakening to how unfair the working world is. 

To even things up, Kenny has no recourse but to steal from the store's safe on the biggest day in the restaurant's history...the day Benny Burger, the corporate clown comes to visit the franchise...

About the Author: 


James Trivers is the author of two young adult novels, “I Can Stop Anytime I want” and “Hamburger Heaven” published in hardcover by Prentice Hall and Harper Collins and Avon in paperback separately and respectively. He published a short story, “History” with Swank magazine that was later optioned by New Path Pictures and was produced as a film “Norma 
Jean, Jack and Me.” It starred Michael Murphy and Sally Kirkland. The movie played various film festivals (Cairo, Palm Springs, San Jose) and was broadcast in “heavy rotation” on the High Def. Movie channel
.A short story, “Conscious Dream,” was published in the e-magazine “Portable Muse.” Currently he is collaborating with leading German screenwriter, CP Hant on a book on Adolf Hitler which will be 
published by Severn House in the UK.

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