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Maggie Quinn had secluded herself nicely on her grandfather’s farm in the middle of the Black Hills. Estranged from a town who didn’t care to understand her, she made her own living and was able to sustain a quiet, peaceable life alone. All that was about to change.

What possessed the Indian to drop the man at her doorstep? Maggie had no recourse but to lug the bullet-riddled man into her small cabin. It was an easy decision. He probably wouldn’t make it through the night. In the morning, she would either be going for the doctor or the undertaker. Little did she know when she lugged him into her home, she lugged him into her quiet peaceable life. 

Thad Sheridan had no idea what was going on. The last thing he remembered was being tossed on the back of the Indian’s horse. The ride through the prairie at breakneck speed tore at his body, the pain almost too much to bear. When the horse stopped, he hit the hard ground with an excruciating thud. He passed out. When he awoke, he was no longer lying on the hard ground but a soft bed. He closed his eyes. “Okay, Lord,” he prayed, “nothing happens to me without purpose. Show me your will.” Then she appeared.

When the town’s moral compass finds a recuperating Thad staying at Maggie’s, the problems begin to mount. Maggie, determined to maintain her current independence, is surprised by Thad’s solution to the problems. Can Thad help Maggie find the purpose lacking in her life? Can Maggie provide the means for Thad to fulfill his purpose?

2 november
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

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