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Abbey was always on her own. Raised in an orphanage and then set out to tackle life alone. Life was tough, then she found out just how tough it was when a brutal attack left her with a permanent limp and a slightly disfigured face. After a year of recovery she was ready to move far away from her brutal past.
She set her sights on Carson Creek Ranch in Texas where she landed a job as the ranch house attendant. It was perfect. She made lunches for the cowboys and had a boss who was more like a father to her. When she saw a brown haired steer wrangler with sun kissed hair and amazing body to boot, she knew she landed in heaven. Yet her past weighed heavily on her shoulders and she knew that she never had a chance with her amber-eyed cowboy.
Jericho Sands realized that there was such a thing as love at first sight. When he saw a tiny feminine beauty with long, soft, brown flowing hair and beautiful large hazel eyes holding a homemade glass of ice cold lemonade on a sweltering hot day in Texas.
He was sure he was seeing a mirage, an angel to quench his thirst and desires. When the angel looked directly into his eyes and blushed from the tips of her ears to the end of her cute little pixie nose, he knew love at first sight was real.
When strange things start happening to Abbey, his protective instincts kicked into high gear. But how can he protect her from a ghostly child she hears crying in the dark woods at night? How can he save her if she is hurt while hiking in the woods alone? Determined, he vows to stick by her side, yet even with him there, bizarre and disturbing things still happened to Abbey.
With renewed resolve, Jericho sets out to find everything he can about Abbey. But what he finds would not only change Abbey’s life forever, it would destroy his heart. And when the true dangers of Abbey’s past catch up with her, will deception take her from him? Or will his love and determination be strong enough to save the only woman he has ever loved from the evils of her past?

27 januari
Kat Matthews

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