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What if you could travel back in time to the days of the early Christians… meet with them in their homes… and sit at the feet of the apostles as they explained the mysteries of the Kingdom of God to you? 

HEART OF FIRE, written by best selling author Chip Brogden, is more than a novel or a book of spiritual teachings: it is a Biblically and historically accurate account of life as a Christian in the first and second century, based on real people, actual events, and timeless truths that are as applicable today as they were then. 


What happens when a tomb raider from Egypt becomes a disciple of the Apostle John? 

Wafik was a professional thief who did quite well for himself – until he became the most wanted man in Egypt. When a tomb robbery goes bad, Wafik flees for his life, escaping by ship to the port city of Ephesus in Asia Minor. There, he hopes he can disappear and make a new life for himself. When a young man named Polycarp invites Wafik to a gathering of Christians, he goes just to satisfy his curiosity – never suspecting that his destiny would be changed forever. 

HEART OF FIRE follows the spiritual journey of Wafik as he becomes a Christian, struggles with his personal demons and past mistakes, and becomes a student of the elderly Apostle John. In his friendly but firm manner, John trains Wafik in mastering the three essential truths of LIGHT, LIFE, and LOVE. Before his death, John entrusts Wafik with a treasure far greater than silver or gold, and gives the former thief a new purpose to fulfill – one that will change the course of Christianity for the next 2,000 years (if he is successful). 


"I finished the book "Heart of Fire." My heart is on fire! The book was everything I had anticipated it to be and even more. As I read your book I felt like I was actually there witnessing the events as they took place. The characters came alive and I could place my own life's journey in several places as I read. I am excited and want to share this truth with others and hope it spreads like fire!" --- Pam, Wisconsin 

"I have one thing to say about "Heart of Fire"...AWESOME!!!!!" --- Donna, Hawaii 

"Oh my goodness, my heart is on fire, I just finished reading the book that I purchased through School of Christ. Tears have been flowing since I started reading the book, there are wonderful parts in it and I just got so much out of it..." --- Lynne, Australia

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