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Ted Watkins never had much use for sentimentality in his own life or in others. The tough, hard-bitten businessman had long ago buried his feelings about the tragedies which had afflicted him in his childhood and marriage. The death and destruction he saw in Vietnam as a young Marine officer had only served to confirm and harden his cynicism.
A series of events begin to soften Ted’s cynicism. A chance meeting with Father Mike Kelly, also a Vietnam veteran, and other events start to chip away at Ted’s flinty exterior. An emotional experience at a fellow veteran’s funeral results in an epiphany that seems destined to change his life. However, before Ted can act on his plan to remake his life, fate intervenes.
Ted suffers a massive stroke that leaves him near death. Ted’s incapacitation allows his unscrupulous nephew, Theodore, to begin the devious plan he has been plotting to seize control of Ted’s company. Ted’s docile and long suffering wife, Eleanor, tries to thwart him, but she is no match for Theodore’s heavy handed machinations. Ted, had for many years ridiculed and excluded Eleanor from any decision making. Now she was the only one who could prevent her evil nephew form succeeding in his sinister plot.
While Ted clings tenuously to life in a coma, a seemingly unrelated tragedy takes place. A seven week old girl, Kelly Rose, dies for no apparent reason. Because they could find no evidence of disease or any other cause which could explain the tragedy, the doctors and the coroner listed the cause of death as SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. SIDS is the medical profession’s default diagnosis for the mysterious death of over 7,000 babies a year.
When Ted miraculously awakens from his coma several weeks later he reveals an incredible story. He relates in intricate detail the story of his time in heaven where he encountered two angels, Maximus and Optimus who help him to review his life.

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