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Sixteen year old Josh Stewart has it all. The good-looking football player is part of the cool crowd at school. So why is he smoking pot to dull his senses? Why is he contemplating driving his truck into a thicket of pine trees? His Christian upbringing is causing conflict with his weekday life of fitting in with the popular kids. What is a guy to do? Josh’s grandmother knows. It is her prayers for her grandson and the heaven sent guardian angel on assignment that helps Josh figure out how to stay on the path that God has for him. With his new friend Gabby’s guidance, Josh begins to see what is truly important and how to stand up for what he believes as well as wait for what God has for him. Many lessons are learned as the relationship between Josh and Gabby deepens. A friend’s betrayal, seeing an old friend in a new light, facing one’s fears, finding the confidence to be who God wants you to be, and saying goodbye are all part of the growing up process for Josh in this third book in the guardian angel series by the author.

Mary Ann McRaney continues to write Christian fiction is an effort to pierce the darkness with the light of God’s message of love and hope. Her books encourage young people to look at relevant topics and problems from a Christian perspective where supernatural help is available. Heaven Sent is the third book in her guardian angel series following Friends Forever and Blood of the Lamb. As a retired educator, the author feels blessed to be able to influence kids with positive messages that point them to the true light, a Heavenly Father, whose love and compassion are so needed in the world today.

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