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When you're Jackson Shaw, guitarist of The Forgotten, and your hearts been broken, shattered by the deception of a woman you thought was the one. You can't hide from cameras and millions of fans hanging on every dirty detail printed and posted.

What you can do, is swear off love and dull the ache with gorgeous women who look nothing like that girl who tore you apart. A supermodel girlfriend and sexplicit escapades splashed across the tabloids is the ultimate revenge. It's also the perfect way to hide your pain in the media. But when the ache turns to a hollow pit, and there isn't enough sex, drugs, or alcohol to fill the emptiness, what do you do?

You cut your losses and head to L.A. to mentor the latest reality talent show. You follow an old friend into a world where the art of the tease and bump and grind were perfected. Where the sound of her voice calls to every primal instinct buried within your body and makes the demand for your attention.

Jackson's an addict, and just one taste puts him back in the precarious position of falling in love with a woman who's mastered the art of ensnaring and teasing.

** This book is a part of the Falling Stars series, BUT can be read as a standalone (without having read the other books). However, it's more fun to know the characters from the beginning **

Book 1 - Falling Stars (Chris & Mia)
Book 1.5 - Stellar Evolution (Chris & Mia) - not a standalone
Book 2 - Hidden in the Stars (Jackson & Liza)

** Contains drugs, alcohol, sex, dirty talk, a rejected rock star who doesn't need or want love, and a single mother who's done everything within her power to take care of her family **

13 augusti
Sadie Grubor

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