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Andrew Marsden has no desire to marry, at least not anytime soon. He's having too much fun to tie himself down to home and hearth, and he doesn't give any woman a second glance. He has wicked charm, and a devilish sense of humor that appeals to the ladies of the ton, and many are more than willing to join him in his bed. So he sees no reason to make a change.

Until Sofia Leone comes to London for a long visit. She is much more alluring than he recalls, and apparently not susceptible to his charistmatic demeanor. She's a siren, and he is willing to answer her call, if only she'd let him...

Sofia would like nothing more than to fall into Drew's arms and allow him to seduce her, but she refuses to give in to what she feels for him. She's witnessed firsthand how easily he tosses women aside. As time goes by she starts to wonder if perhaps one night in his arms might be worth the scandal it would cause.

April 12

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