His Secret Baby : Pregnancy Romance Collection

Tiana Dorsey och andra
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No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.

Baby By Christmas

When 27-year-old Senior Project Manager Keisha Jones was dumped right before Christmas, she knew it was time for a change. She'd dated a string of losers, and she was done. Inspired by testimonials, she signed up with a match-making agency, and within a few months, she was matched with handsome, 30-year-old billionaire Dean Stark, President and Founder of Stark Aerospace and Defense. He's more than deep pockets and shrewd business sense, and Keisha finds herself falling in love with the first man who's ever really understood her. There's only one problem.

With a famous ex and a few skeletons that come tumbling out of his closet right after they spend the night together, Keisha isn't sure that she can handle Dean's baggage. She dumps him, doing her best to avoid him for more than a month while she heals her broken heart.

She's angry and hurt, but a mysterious illness and a trip to the hospital leaves her reeling and feeling lost. When he shows up to be by her side after she's all but cursed the very ground he walks on, she's forced to consider whether she ran away because he wasn't The One, or because being vulnerable is scary.

My Baby Daddy

Zara never expected to be 38, broke, and pregnant for a mysterious stranger, but finding out that said mysterious stranger had a lot of money didn't put her at ease, and she knew why.

Yesterday was my graduation from cosmetology school, one of my biggest achievements to date. So of course I went out to celebrate, did the teenage girl party thing where you get drunk and fuck a complete stranger. Except I am not a teenager, I am a 38 year old woman who is broke and now pregnant with a stranger's child.

I don't do this normally, sleep with random girls I meet at my club. But something about this girl was different. She was witty and funny and the best of all, she had thought I was a valet and had still been into me.

One night wasn't enough so I tracked her down intending to have a proper first date with her, only to find out that she is less than exited to see me. The realization that I am billionaire not only left her unimpressed, but it seems to also make her not like me.

But I like her, and I want her, and I am going to fight for her.

Her Billionaire Baby Daddy

Sabrina's world is turned upside down when she first meets Jason, literally, but soon lies and secrets tear them apart. Is the sizzle enough to pull them back together?

It's just a normal, crappy day for Sabrina, there isn't anything special about it at all…until she does the Downward Duck position in yoga that is. Once upside down, Sabrina spots the man of her dreams which changes everything, especially when he asks her out on the first date she's been on for months.

But Jason isn't exactly who he says he is and secrets can never stay hidden for long.

When Sabrina learns that Jason has been lying to her, she runs. She's not going to be fooled, even if he excited her like she's never been before. Sabrina won't be made a fool of.

But fate has a twisted plan for her, dragging her right back into Jason's life, leaving her questioning everything. Mainly, is the sizzle enough to stick around for?

23 september
Scarlet Heart Publishing

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