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This is a collection of erotic fiction set in Fall and Winter holidays. Visit a haunted house where creepy, costumed girls get f****d on Halloween. Go home with the girlfriend's family on Thanksgiving and f**k both her sisters. Celebrate Christmas with a little slut in an elf costume dedicated to making the holidays happier for everyone. And even check in on a New Year's Eve orgy while a girl tries to get the attention of the guy she likes best!


Halloween Haunted Whore House

Halloween means haunted houses, parties, and f*****g like crazy. Well, it means that in the world where Kristen and Erin live.

They've agreed to work at the Haunted Whore House this Halloween. There will be screams of pain and pleasure, moans of excitement and terror, but mostly good fun for all. Especially for the men who visit.

Celebrate the evening of terror and treats with these two hot sluts and see what it's like in a world where adult Halloween means playing dead on a mattress, being a fuckable vampire queen, and scaring the f**k out of men while they cum!



Joe is spending Thanksgiving with his girlfriend's family. Katie's sisters, Stephanie and Samantha both help Joe relax.
Blowjobs, sex, anal, and turkey dinner! It's all just part of Thanksgiving in a world where f*****g your girlfriend's relatives is a normal part of dating!

Stephanie, the older sister has no problem getting down on her knees and sucking Joe's cock.

It's Samantha's first year at the adult dinner, she just turned eighteen, and she wants to make a good impression on her big sister's boyfriend!

Does Joe have any attention left for Katie, his girlfriend, after her sisters help him relax?


The Christmas Slut

Tiffany loves the holiday season and dresses like an elf, just for the fun of it. Sure, it means answering questions from people who think she's working at the stores, but it's great just to help people out and make their days better!

While she's out shopping, she gets asked to fill in for an elf that called in sick. However, it turns out it's for a holiday-themed "stress relief" service.

Giving the gift of her body, time, and sexual prowess to people who need it? What could possibly be a better way to spread a little holiday spirit?


Hannah's Happy New Year

Hannah has had her eyes on Ethan all night. However, in a world where house parties are orgies and the New Year is rung in with a b*****b instead of a kiss, getting to her best guy in time will be difficult.

Will she be able to get the guy in glasses to cum, so she can make her way across the room before midnight? Who is the little brunette giving Ethan a handjob and standing in Hannah's way?

Midnight on New Year's Eve is coming closer, but will Hannah be able to cum with the one she wants?


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