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A courageous Christian couple have a well-deserved taste of heaven... But only a brief sampling before they must return to earth to embark on another mission of importance to God and their own futures as members of the Church in her role as Bride of Christ.

As Earl and Joyce pursue their mission in America, Israel and her implacable enemies clash in the first skirmishes of the great war of Israel's annihilation.

In this fourth novel of the Buddy series, Earl and Joyce Cook pick up their battered bodies from the street in Texas where they had been brutally assaulted and left for dead, and head out on a new mission to free a fellow Christian.  They are joined by a courageous Israeli spy to form a team dedicated to bringing the Word of God to Americans who have resisted the acceptance of the dreaded mark of the beast described in Revelation 13 and 14.  

As the Americans encounter numerous hazardous obstacles to their pursuit of their objective, Jacob and his new wife Moira witness the beginning of open warfare between Israel and her hatred-laden neighbors as foretold in Psalm 83.  After a brief interlude initiated by God, the follow-on battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39 ensues, forcing Jacob and Moira into dangerous confrontations with the enemy.  The Chinese join the final battle over Jerusalem as the conflagration expands to involve the entire world.  When all seems lost, God introduces a wild card into the melee ñ a large tribe of fighters, known the world over as brave and fierce warriors but never before associated with Israel.

The adventures and romantic involvements of the key characters merge into the events foretold long ago by Jesus and the ancient prophets Daniel, Ezekiel and Zechariah as the world, driven by power-drunk madmen under the control of their evil master Satan, culminates in the final Battle of Armageddon.  As in the previous three novels of the Buddy Series, the adventures color insights into the nature of God that are suitable for an in-depth Bible Study of concepts and associations rarely, if ever, presented to the lay public.

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