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HONEY! WHY IS THERE A D&D PAMPLET ON MY FRIDGE? is a compilation of short stories from the twisted wonderland of a mind that belongs to Ty Herrington. Inside this book lays a cavalcade of stories that feature fantasy, horror, drama, suspense and comedy. Do you like giants playing a game of fiery kickball? A grizzled hunter forced to face off with a frostbitten cannibal? Or maybe a brawl between two mighty magic-users in the streets of a city? This collection of tales might just have a story worth telling by the fire... But remember, not every story has a happily ever after.

"Double Dog" is about a sleazy wrestling promoter named Riff who is hoping to pitch his newest client to big league wrestling agent Lindsay. Riff shows to Lindsay that there is more to Double Dog then meets the eye as he relates Double Dog's past and his conditions for wrestling in the company. What are Double Dog's motivations and what are his demands?

"The Seaside Escapade" is about a lizardman named Plix and his bugbear partner Lobber as they attempt to steal a haul of vast riches for their boss, Nigel. This becomes easier said than done when the boat springs a leak and the pair are forced to fight against angry sailors in order to escape the sinking wreck. Will the pair escape with the loot of a lifetime?

"Hellhounds Anonymous" is about a hellhound named Heartstalker who is forced to go to a meeting about reconditioning hellhounds for their human owners. But he comes to see that Daniel, the reformed hellhound who endorses the project, is a big fat liar who has been masquerading as an honest dog for years. Can Heartstalker weed out Daniel's feral side, or will this volcanic pooch be put on a leash permanently?

23 december
Ty Herrington