How to Build Up Your Child Instead of Repairing Your Teenager

25 Secrets You Wish Your Parents Knew Before They Raised You

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"This book should be given to every parent as they leave the hospital with their first child..." -- Review by Noelle J

"What the co-author revealed about himself in the 'A personal Note from the co-author...' was very heart-warming and I could relate so well to it..." -- Review by S Laney

"Brian Tracy is truly a master communicator and a man of integrity. Thank you Brian and Alec for your contribution to what is desperately needed in our society." -- Review by P Judd, Leadership Coach.

How To Build Up Your Child Instead Of Repairing Your Teenager is a powerful guide on how to parent effectively in our overwhelming modern times. Best-selling author & professional speaker transforms lives with his 53rd book alongside co-expert Alec Forstrom whose 12 years of research and studying parental behavior culminate to reveal a breakthrough in parenting psychology.

This book is for you if you have ever been confronted with the following...Your children disobey you and "act out"; in response you lash out uncontrollably, then feel guilty and realize you should have handled the situation differently.

Your children keep dodging their responsibility despite your threats becoming more intense, you feel frustrated and take the responsibility back.

Your children are becoming more reliant on you to help them with their homework & chores. You realize they are more than capable of completing them independently, but what can you do?

Your children often 'test' you, pushing their limits & embarrassing you in public, or when friends and family are present.

Your children text 133+ times a day or spend hours a day on Facebook & Instagram, affecting your ability to hold their attention.

The quicker you acquire this knowledge the quicker you can put it into practice ... 

#1 reason why you should spend more time listening than talking & appreciate the profound value of your children's opinions.

The Rewards you'll experience when you control your temper, even after your child misbehaves & what you can expect if you continue to lose control.

The need to keep your sense of humor & the magic that develops between you & your child when you allow them to freely express their emotions.

Learn how your child's future success and self-worth hangs in the balance of your ability to communicate, inject self-confidence, and develop an unbreakable love-bond relationship.

TIME...the most valuable commodity and actual steps you must take instead of "scheduling quality time"- A myth that continues to perpetuate bad results.

In addition...Finally, the truth about why 83% of Teenagers become increasingly distant, hostile and 'cruel by design' based on how you communicate, and discipline them.

• A 25-yr research conducted by Dr. Robert Rosenthal of Harvard University on how our expectations affect our children.

• Professor Katherine Taylor's eye-opening data on Spanking, conducted in May of 2010.

• A major 40-yr study at Stanford University revealing the ONE key ingredient in turning around pre-teen delinquency.

Plus...A special section revealing 25 secrets to raise exceptional kids! Not just to please you & do what you want but empowering them to go after what they want.

Now you can experience this transformation first hand and witness a breakthrough in your children's behavior in as little as 3 days! 

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