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To spectators looking from the outside world, Gregory Watson, a handsome, multilingual and suave thirty-something-year young African-American expatriate was living the golden life. As a sports icon in Spain, he enjoyed financial security, ardent popularity and unbridled female adulation. However after an eleven-year sojourn, Gregory at the behest of his truest love --- daughter Caryn Ann Michelle --- decided the time was right to return to his American roots. All things considered, despite the comforting prospects of returning home, sweet home, there was still something amiss in the life of one of Brooklyns finest as he waited for the solution of his misery to burst in with the dawn.
Meanwhile, some eleven hundred miles away at first fowl crow, Desiree Thompson, a vibrant, beautiful and successful businesswoman mourns for an unknown absence of being. As President/CEO of Thompson Management Limited and Nassau Bahamas most eligible bachelorette, her business acumen and passion for excellence was second to none. Still, although Desiree was able to conquer most of lifes everyday challenges, only one overwhelmed her: love. Even as many capable suitors vied for a place on her throne, no enchanted king captured or enlivened the heart of this Caribbean queen. As her quest for the Holy Grail continued, she often gazed across the midnight sky in a never-ending search for something nice.
Both Desiree and Gregory cannot avoid an inevitable fact: they were meant to be in love and together. However after many wonder years and definitive lives apart, the question arises: does love stand a chance the second time around? It's only a matter of time with a wait for the magic as this compelling couple embarks on a complex yet amazing soul journey which defies both convention and imagination. It bears forth these hallowed words: I CAN RECALL AFTER ALL.

13 april