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No one, undead or alive, goes “Scott-free.”

The new enforcer for the Directorate of the Undead, Revelin Scott, is normally easygoing. Even his coworkers’ snide comments that he’s nothing more than Directress Nikolena’s “new dog” don’t faze him. But when Nikolena instructs Rev to dye his hair, change his name, and go undercover in Baton Rouge to destroy an illegal secret society of vampires, he fears the worst. When he’s saddled with Denice Geron, whose brother was an “aberration” the secret society created and then murdered, Rev knows the case will be bad. Denice has information he’ll need to infiltrate the society, but her disrespect and defiance test his patience to the limit.

Using information passed to her by her brother, Denice seeks the help of the vampire Brotherhood to avenge her brother’s death. But instead of getting what she envisions as the epitome of vampirekind, she gets Sean Ardwolf, a cocky young vampire who looks more like a debauched rock star than Dracula.

Denice helps Revelin/Sean gain access to the société, but the leader, Vangeline, is more powerful than anyone imagined, and even Revelin is drawn into her web of seduction. Denice is his only salvation, but helping him could mean her death. A few days ago the decision for both would have been easy, but now nothing is easy; no one is to be trusted, and there’s no going back.

Jaye Roycraft, a former Milwaukee police officer, has incorporated her police procedural knowledge and experience into her books, beginning with her debut novel Rainscape. A combination of romance, mystery, and science fiction, Rainscape was followed by the vampire romance series Double Image, Afterimage, Shadow Image, and Immortal Image and the hard-edged vampire series Half Past Hell and Hell’s Warrior. Jaye has presented workshops both online and at conferences, has been a contest judge, and has been a featured panelist at Dragon*Con.

Jaye now lives in Arizona where she is happily retired in the Valley of the Sun.

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