Utgivarens beskrivning

Following the invention of ‘the Cure’, a drug that allows people to become immortal, the face of humanity changes dramatically. Free from the burden of illness, ageing and the fear of death, Immortals not only enjoy their lives, but also advance technology in all areas. Fossil fuels have been replaced by cold fusion as the main source of energy and the hovering engine was constructed, which means that cars are no longer ground vehicles. The surface of the Earth is gradually cleared of roads, bridges and tunnels, the global warming is curbed thanks to clean energy and new inventions keep improving the quality of life on the planet.
Immortals are also free of family commitments; naturally, Earth would not be able to sustain the exponential growth of human population, so everyone must make a choice: they either take the Cure and remain immortal, but lose their right to have children, or they stay mortal and are allowed to become parents.
For most people the choice is obvious. Why waste energy and give up your life to bring new humans to this (already overpopulated as it is) planet, when you can contribute to technological progress which sooner or later will allow us discover other planets suited for human habitation and move there, thus gaining the right to have both: immortality and offspring? Yielding to basic instincts instead of seeing the bigger picture is deemed immature, wasteful and pathetic. Not to mention that the mortal minority, tied down by childcare and geriatric care of their ageing family members, contributes very little to the advancement of technology and heavily relies on social benefits. Therefore there is no love lost between Immortals and Mortals and their worlds are two completely different realities.
Amari Quinn, a first-class PR specialist from New York, is of course an Immortal, and an affluent one. She works for a prestigious advertising agency that entertains crème de la crème of the immortal world, decorating and launching new venues, organizing parties, benefits and festivals. Her clientele is demanding and bores quickly, but she always manages to wow them. And her newest project, the launch of The Universe, the first hovering nightclub in the world, is expected to seal her reputation as the top PR consultant in the US.
All goes spectacularly well until Amari’s top client and the owner of The Universe, Mr. Paramonos, is charged with the worst crime an Immortal can commit – duovitaery. It means he’s been leading a double life, enjoying the benefits of the Cure, and at the same time having children with a mortal partner. His arrest and trial prove disastrous to his business and push Amari’s agency to the brink of bankruptcy.
All seems lost when her boss manages to secure a deal with a new client, one that has a potential to bring them back to the top of their game. The client is unusual – a rock band – but Amari is willing to do anything it takes to erase the effects of Mr. Paramonos’ scandal on her career. Until she finds out that her new clients are Mortals…

10 oktober
A. M. McNally