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Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev was a Russian novelist, short story writer, and playwright. His first major publication, a short story collection entitled A Sportsman's Sketches (1852), was a milestone of Russian Realism, and his novel Fathers and Sons (1862) is regarded as one of the major works of 19th-century fiction.

Turgenev was impressed with German society and returned home believing that Russia could best improve itself by incorporating ideas from the Age of Enlightenment. Like many of his educated contemporaries, he was particularly opposed to serfdom. In 1841, Turgenev started his career in Russian civil service and spent two years working for the Ministry of Interior (1843-1845).

Turgenev's artistic purity made him a favorite of like-minded novelists of the next generation, such as Henry James and Joseph Conrad, both of whom greatly preferred Turgenev to Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. James, who wrote no fewer than five critical essays on Turgenev's work, claimed that "his merit of form is of the first order" (1873) and praised his "exquisite delicacy", which "makes too many of his rivals appear to hold us, in comparison, by violent means, and introduce us, in comparison, to vulgar things" (1896).

This book contains collection of best 20 Titles.

Book 1 : A Desperate Character

Book 2 : Dream tales and prose poems

Book 3 : First Love

Book 4 : The Inn

Book 5 : The Jew and other stories

Book 6 : Knock, knock, knock

Book 7 : A Month in the Country

Book 8 : Mumu

Book 9 : Punin and Baburin

Book 10 : Smoke

Book 11 : The Diary of a Superfluous Man and other

Book 12 : Fathers and Sons

Book 13 : A House of Gentlefolk

Book 14 : A House of Gentlefolk

Book 15 : Rudin

Book 16 : A Sportsman's Sketches

Book 17 : Virgin Soil

Book 18 : The Torrents of Spring

Book 19 : The Watch

Book 20 : Lieutenant Yergunov's Story

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