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The study of this quarter is primarily from the Old Testament book of Zephaniah and the New Testament book of Romans. The three units follow the theme of God’s New Creation as it pertains to our new life in Christ.

UNIT 1 • JUDGMENT AND SALVATION: The three lessons in this unit focus on the judgment of Judah and the subsequent hope the people receive as they repent of their sins to live in obedience to God.

UNIT 2 • A WORLD GONE WRONG: The six lessons in this unit focus on the brokenness of the world as it has been affected by sin and what God has done to repair that damage.

UNIT 3 • LIFE ON GOD’S TERMS: The four lessons in this unit focus on the benefits and demands of living a life for God as a new creation in Christ.

The J.A.M. Jesus and Me® Teacher Guide helps instructors understand the emotional and spiritual needs of 12- to 14-year-olds… and speak their language! The manual covers all 13 lessons and provides in-depth instruction and background information from the Precepts for Living® commentary.

• Scripture passages are presented in easy-to-read language.

• Students discover exciting ways to make Christianity part of their own lives.

• Teachers get step-by-step plans that make teaching easy.


Tool Time: Speaks to the teacher on a timely issue

Quick Look and Quarter At-A-Glance: Give helpful overviews into what will be studied throughout the quarter, both for the student and teacher

Open the Lesson: Offers discussion questions to begin the lesson and to ponder the implications of the “Reality Check” story

Explore the Meaning: Provides the answers to all the student activities from their books

In Depth: Helps the teacher understand the lesson on a more mature, personal level, beyond what they need to know to teach it to the students

Daily Bible Readings: Guides Scripture reading throughout the week to support quarterly topics and principles

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