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The J.M.H.O. The World Through My Eyes series came about thanks to my blog postings. I blog on an adult website. As long as I was posting naughty stories or naughty photos all things were cool. It was a misjudgment on my part to think that current events whether they be on politics, local and international happenings, entertainment, etc. would fly on an adult site!

However I didn’t want my research and writing efforts to languish so I came up with the idea of JMHO, Just My Humble Opinion. The 2012 edition is a collection of my non-x rated postings. Okay so some of them do have adult language in them. I will give you that. What can I say? Sometimes I just have the mouth of a sailor!

The 2012 Edition and the 2013 Editions Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are more of my blog postings right up and through to when I stopped posting them. Blog dates are listed at the end of each article. Anything in the 2013 editions without a blog date are more recent stories that I’ve added my two cents in on.

So now you’ve had an explanation of what the series will be about. I should add that if I had any particularly bad days or particularly good days, I blogged about those as well. Sort of like a Dear Diary entry!

You are now about to embark on your first baby steps into how my mind works. You may want to design a You Are Here map. I’m sure you’ll get lost eventually!

Enjoy ~ Lydia

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Lydia Chandler

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