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Utgivarens beskrivning

Jacob’s Leah is the compelling story of a vaulted life, love and legacy glossed over and in most cases totally missed. Until now, light will cast on Leah’s love for her husband Jacob and we will discover the cause and effect of such a love and a whole lot more. Jacob’s relationship with Leah was not by accident or incident. Leah’s story should be seen as a portrait of a type of Christ for the world to see, of God’s relentless undying loving pursuit for all of us in spirit. In the natural, she was a woman like most of us who just wanted to be loved. Leah left us a chronicled diary of her heart’s journey by sharing with us through the naming of her babies. Through them, she tells us the story of her hopes, fears, desperations, sin, repentance, redemption and finally reward. Leah would want the world to know that she was not a victim but a vessel of vindication, victory and valor. In addition, twelve created short “In Her Shoes” stories (to include my own) allows me the opportunity to veer off the main highway of Leah’s story to share the thoughts, hopes, fears, desperations, sin, repentance and redemption of myself and the other created characters, while introducing some to God and chasing others back to Him. It is my sincere hope that as you read, you will be blessed allowing the Holy Spirit of promise to guide you to your ordained destiny in God through Jesus Christ the sacrifice and ultimate lover of your life. 


Religion och andlighet
17 december
Xulon Press

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