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Teaching the Christian faith to children, young adults and those new to Christianity can be a daunting task. Many resources portray Jesus Christ as coming on the scene of an unfolding drama in the world, heroically reinvigorating those who believed in God, and showing us a whole new side of God. Other resources overlook the rich examples of God’s work in the world in the Old Testament. Jacob’s Testimony demonstrates with Scripture that salvation through Jesus Christ had been planned long before His birth and that very few of His teachings were new. An in depth examination of the Old Testament lays the groundwork for the salvation and eternal life that are now available through Jesus Christ and the power that can be ours through the Holy Spirit. An examination of the New Testament ties the theology of salvation and faith back to the Old Testament at every step of the way.

Jacob’s Testimony is a teaching resource for use by individuals, families, churches and small groups and has separate editions for children/youth and adults. Each chapter includes Scripture reading and discussion questions. The ideal use of Jacob’s Testimony includes having a leader supervise the reader’s progress through the resource. Readers will come to understand and appreciate what it means that God the Father is a “living God” and learn anew how popular accounts in the Old Testament were established by divine providence as the precursor to the advent of Jesus Christ. Leaders can purchase the separate Leader’s Guide to enhance the reader’s progress.

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24 januari
R. Joseph Ritter, Jr.

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