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It is not always easy for Web developers and designers to make the right decisions when having to choose the right solution. Either while building a complex Web application or even by improving a website, there are countless pre-built solutions available and picking one of them can surely be a burden sometimes. In this Smashing eBook #13 JavaScript Essentials we enlighten the most important issues you should pay attention to by all means when selecting a solution, i.e. how stable, easy to customize, usable and accessible it is, whether it can be maintained in the future, what exactly is supported and how you can extend the functionalities on your own.

 One of the many important issues considered in this Smashing eBook #13 JavaScript Essentials is the importance of reviewing your code and what to avoid when you are implementing in JavaScript. Maintaining strong coding standards and withdrawing your programming away from common errors should be the basic requests for the general quality of your solutions, and the articles we have selected will explain exactly how you can achieve this. One of the sections also advises to have your code reviewed by experts and check whether they may provide other solutions to the problems you're experiencing. 

Last but not least, you'll get to know the golden rules of JavaScript basic animations better, as well as JSON as a data format along with the native JavaScript functions (Math, Array, String), shortcut notations, and much more. Of course, we couldn't leave out JS events that will make your webApps work, implementation of anonymous functions, module patterns, configurations, interaction with the back end and usage of libraries to specify codes. And for those of you who are rather interested in AJAX, you'll get the information you need in case you've been wanting to turn your content dynamic and searchable.

Table of Contents


Seven JavaScript Things I Wish I Knew Much Earlier In My Career

Lessons From A Review Of JavaScript Code

Find The Right JavaScript Solution With A 7-Step Test

Ten Oddities And Secrets About JavaScript

What You Need To Know About JavaScript Scope

The Seven Deadly Sins Of JavaScript Implementation

A Quick Look Into The Math Of Animations With JavaScript

Searchable Dynamic Content With AJAX Crawling

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