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Utgivarens beskrivning

This thrilling story epitomizes the difficulties Mr Oteh encountered as he walked through the forest of the death in a gospel venture.

It was in the heart of August when the Christian Youth Association of the Divine Church of God decided to go and evangelize in Munteng village. The association had a mission of spreading the gospel through; songs, plays and preaching.

Bache Paul Ihimbru was the head of the association. The group had visited so many neighbouring villages in the Esimbi Sub Division. Bache and his colleagues agreed that they should visit his village in summer during the long vacation but the trip was scheduled in the wrong month which was at the peak of the rainy season. A letter was addressed to the local chief to inform the villagers of their coming.

The group took off at 3: 00 pm in a Land Rover from the Divisional headquarters. Two hours later, the Land Rover got stuck in mud and Oteh was sent to trek and inform the villagers that the team was coming behind.

He entered the forest of the death and not long, night fell accompanied by heavy rains and shooting hailstones. There was lightning and heavy thundering in the forest. The road was stony, muddy and slippery and Oteh had no torch but he was supposed to reach Munteng village. Did he succeed with all the numerous obstacles in the black night in the heart of the thick evil forest?

Also in this story, discover one of the heart touching characters Mua. He is kid just seven years old but does extra ordinary things. He is very destructive but all neighbours love him and consider him to be their child because of his wonderful services to them. He does only things people cannot believe children of his age group can do.

Mua is equally very troublesome and gives a lot of hard times to his cousin Atia. Atia is sent to carry bamboos to their farm in a farm stead 45 km from Wum. He was ask to take Mua with him but since the night was fast falling, he ask Mua to stay behind but the curious kid who wanted the see the farmstead called Mumbu decided to follow Atia without his knowledge. While Atia was sweating under the weight of the bamboos, Mua tiptoed behind him. Atia heard the strange footsteps and each time he turned to see who was behind him, Mua will jump into the bush and hide. Atia felt that he was moving with a ghost. But how did he overcome the fear? Journey of Horror.

15 juli
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