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Seven months. It took seven months for Reed Ryan to stop seeing me as an enemy. I thought I had finally reached my goal: to make him understand that I'm adorable and didn't intentionally ruin his life when I announced in front of everyone, including Brittany, his then girlfriend, that I was in love with him.

But when our next case takes us to a hotel where Brittany is staying, I feel as if all our progress is fading away. She's determined to win him back, and I don't see him making any special effort to resist her.

Why do I care you ask? Because we are together, of course. What? Don't you believe me? Fine. Truth is we pretend to be a couple as part of the investigation; nonetheless, he should wait until we break up before cheating on me, right? He also shouldn't make a fuss when a murder occurs and I insist Brittany is somehow involved. Well, we'll see how the play ends. The ending isn't written yet, and I intend to uncover the truth at all costs.

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