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Regina has always had a dark attraction to dangerous men. After meeting the charming, predatory Angelo while vacationing in Costa Rica, passion immediately flares between the two. But when Regina wakes to find herself tied up in the hold of a ship, drifting far out to sea, she quickly realizes she's in over her head - and that her mysterious suitor has her exactly where he wants her.

Warning: this story contains 4,600 words of Kidnapping, BDSM, Male Dominance, Handcuffing, Reluctant Sex, and Seduction at sea.


“You... you’ve got to let me go, Angelo. You can’t keep me here. You know that,” she managed to keep her voice steady despite her rising arousal. Angelo tilted the glass to her lips again. She cast him a sharp glare, but he persisted with that same, intense smile. Finally her expression softened, and she took a tentative sip. It was full and mellow, with a velvety aftertaste, and went down like nothing she had ever tried before.

“Do you believe what you say, that I have to let you go?” he whispered, setting the glass down beside the bed. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his smooth, muscular torso as he shrugged off the thin fabric. He moved around to the side of the bed, settling down just behind her. He reached a long arm around her and cupped her chin with his long fingers, tilting her head back slightly as his fingertips teased along her neck. She shivered uncontrollably at his touch. “Does anyone know where you are? Do you?” She could feel his breath on the back of her neck. “Have you even told anyone about me?”

Regina’s voice caught in her throat. Her mouth moved, but no words came out.

Angelo reached up and brushed the backs of his fingers across her lips. She exhaled, long and slow. “I knew, from the very first time I saw you walk into that cafe, that I wanted you, Regina,” Angelo breathed. His soft lips brushed against her left earlobe, and she let out an involuntary moan. “I saw the way your head turned when I ordered my cortado, the way you pretended to be looking past my shoulder when our eyes first met. You wanted me then, just as you want me now.” His mouth slid down to where her neck met her shoulder. He nipped gently at the tender flesh, grazing his teeth across the surface.

“I don’t... I... you can’t...” Regina murmured, closing her eyes as his hands glided their way down her body, massaging at her back and sides. She could feel the built-up tension melting away under his ministrations. She felt her will to resist fading rapidly. She steeled herself reluctantly and spun around to meet his gaze.

“You could have had me, without any of this, Angelo,” she said with a final attempt at defiance.

“I know.”

Without another word Angelo leaned in and kissed her, his full, soft lips meeting her own and crushing against them with sudden passion. The fury of his kiss pushed her back against the bed, and he rode down with her, his lips still locked with hers. She felt his tongue flit across her teeth and tease against her own. To her surprise she found herself returning the kiss with equal frenzy, straining up against the body pressing down on her.

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