Kimmy & The World of Dating

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What could possibly go wrong when you online date?

You have no idea.

As an unjaded mostly single mom, Kimberly (Kimmy to her friends) Gallagher is all about possibilities. As security personnel on the graveyard shift, she’s able to make things work at home, and even has a good relationship with her daughter’s father. The only thing that’s missing from her life is that special someone, but Kimmy is all about hope and optimism, so she has that still going for her.

When a new online match comes her way, Kimmy accepts with the same open-mindedness that she approaches everything with. Though she’s been disappointed more time than she can count, she believes in giving people the benefit of the doubt. Optimistic, brave, adventurous, or stupid…for better or for worse, Kimmy keeps putting herself out there, and she’s just not ready to give up just yet.

As a retired ex-cop, Jace Russell is all about making life as easy on himself as possible. As security personnel on the graveyard shift, he’s able to make things work with taking care of his sick father and still managing to balance life and work. The only thing that’s missing from his life is…well, nothing, really. His father is his priority, and Jace doesn’t regret any of his choices at all.

When his work partner gets a new online match, Jace can only wonder what he’s in store for now. Though he’s been working for Silver Security for eight months and Kimmy has been his partner the entire time, you’d think that he’d be used to her online dating adventures, but there was no preparing for something like that. Her horror stories kept him up at night often. Seriously.

When friendship and love start to mesh together…
When Kimmy finds herself doubting the validity of her latest match, all she can do is hound Jace for advice, even though Jace would rather bash his head in with a brick than look at another…uh, picture. Still, where else can she get a guy’s honest opinion?

When Jace finds himself getting more and more annoyed with Kimmy’s latest match, he can no longer ignore the obvious, even though Kimmy’s completely oblivious to why he’s so damn annoyed. Still, she’s his friend, and it’s amazing what someone will do for a friend, right?

Together, Kimmy and Jace try to navigate through the muddy waters of online dating while trying to keep their secret attraction for one another out of the mix. However, the more they try to figure out Kimmy’s latest match, the crazier things get. Jace also learns what ‘girl inches’ are.

Note: This book contains adult situations, adult language, sexually explicit encounters, online dating nightmares, and a serious debate about just how long an inch is. If sensitive to any of the aforementioned issues, please do not purchase.

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